SINCE 1975


Industries Uses Functions
Frozen Foods Ice cream, soft serves, frozen cakes Water retention: ice crystal inhibitor; stabilizer
Dairy Products Yogurts, desserts, mousses Inhibits when separation; keeps texture after sterilization
Instant Mixes Pudding, sauce, dessert, beverage Fast, cold dispersible thickening and texturing agent.
Dressing and Sauces Salad cream, pickles, barbecue relish Cold water dispersible, acid resistant emulsion stabilizer.
Beverages Cocoa drink, fruit nectar, sugarless beverage Acid resistant thickening and suspending agent
Animal Feeding Veterinary preparation, calf milk replace Suspending agent; granulating agent.


Industries Uses Functions
Pharmaceutical laboratories Laxatives Tooth paste Slimming aids Gastric hyperacidity Bulking agent. Gel / Paste Consistency Uniform Bulk forming appetite depressant. Synergistic activity with bismuth salt.


Industries Uses Functions
Cosmetics Ointments Lotions Tablets Hair Shampoos Hair Conditioner Thickening agent. Gives unctuousness. Disintegrating and granulating agent. Detergent – compatible thickener. Protective colloid, film forming agent.


Industries Uses Functions
Oil well drilling Drilling fluids hydraulic fracturing Control of : Water loss, viscosity. Suspension turbulence
Mining Concentration of ore filtration Flocculating and settling agent; filter aid
Paper Wrapping paper, Kraft, photographic paper, filter Replaces hemicelluloses, increases strength, fold pick, pulp hydration retention of fines; decreases porosity.
Textile Printing Cotton, rayon, silk, wool sizing. Reduces warp breakage; reduce dusting film forming; thickening for dye.